The Angelini University Award!

The Angelini University Award! is an initiative by Angelini Pharma Česká republika for university students attending university level education in the Czech Republic.

The aim of the contest is to foster multidisciplinary projects that may have a practical applicability, through the promoting of innovation and youth entrepreneurship.

Learning opportunity

Angelini wants to give participants the opportunity to put their academic knowledge into practice by using it on a project that is in touch with business and social reality. This is one of the ways Angelini Pharmaceutical chose to strengthen its corporate values and to promote the company to the university public, encouraging them to interact with the company in an area of such high importance for society: Health.


The scope of the Angelini University Award! 2017/2018 is Products and Services to fight Antibiotic Resistance.
The subthemes suggested within the motto of this edition are:

  • Infection prevention.
  • Control of infection at hospitals.
  • Promotion of hygiene enhancement behaviors.
  • Studies on the strain of inoffensive bacteria that can compete with the resistant ones.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Microbiome and skin.
  • The use of antibiotics outside of medicine.
  • Control of the use of antibiotics and antibacterial substances.
  • Consumption of antibiotics through the food chain.
  • Globalization:
    • Bacteria migration through means of transport.
    • The spread of knowledge about the identity of bacteria to fight them.
    • Development of IT and communication solutions to control infection outbreaks and share knowledge globally.
  • Study about the consumption of antibiotics in the community.
  • Solutions to promote the correct consumption of antibiotics.
  • New strategies which allow develop new antibiotics against resistant bacteria’s.
  • Population awareness for resistance bacteria’s (e.g. educational games).