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The Angelini University Award challenges university students from all areas to develop projects for the health sector.


The moto of the 2020/21 edition is Better Nutrition – Better Health / Lepší výživa – Lepší zdraví. Don’t lose this opportunity to learn and to contribute with your ideas!

Better Nutrition – Better Health / Lepší výživa – Lepší zdraví



Winners of the 2018/2019 edition

As a guest, I attended the first edition of the AUA, where our colleague Mirka Pavelková from the Institute of Drug Technology at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno competed. It was an interesting experience and I thought I’d try it next year as a contestant. For the second year of the AUA, a rather broad term “Mental Health” was chosen as a topic, so I was not sure that we would devise an appropriate project. On the other hand, already in the first year it was seen that the approaches to the topic can be countless – from the mobile application to the tutorial game. And since we’ve been working on the formulations for benzodiazepine-dependent patients for a long time, and recently we started using 3D printing, we decided to combine these things and the result was our project. Anyway, I would like to thank especially Mirka, who bombarded me every day with questions whether I have already submitted an application.

To prepare the project for the jury, our academic team was almost a walk through the pink orchard. But then the more complicated part came – to introduce 3D printing and the issue of addiction in seven minutes, so that the audience in the diverse competition of projects will not fall asleep and give us a vote. We were inspired by a number of lectures and recommendations, from which we learned the main findings. No one cares what your name is or where you work (and you lose 20 seconds of time), but everyone wants to hear the story. So, in the end, we advised the audience in a seven-minute story on how to quickly and efficiently grow benzodiazepine addiction, how cessation looks like, and how 3D tailored drug printing can help with it, which everyone appreciated and we took first place. I would recommend participation in the AUA to everyone. Whether you have a great project and are not sure that you can manage to present it or vice versa, you will always learn something new, meet interesting people and make new contacts.


Jan Elbl

I came across this contest by chance on facebook, but I was immediately impressed. For a long time I had the idea that there is no application in the Czech Republic that would help people with mental illness.
The AUA competition was an impulse for my idea to realize. I managed to get a great team that helped create and spread the app around the world.
I suffer from mental illness myself and I have been trying to spread the idea that silence is not a solution on social networks for a long time. Often people turned to me for help. The mobile app provides fast psychological assistance for free and offers a complete list of professional help available in the Czech Republic. The application is also recommended by the professional public. To date, the application is available not only in Czech, but also in Slovak, English, Polish and French. Our volunteers helped us with this.
After the competition our activities in this direction do not end, we are preparing another language extension and preparing the website of the application, where users will find not only modules from the application, but also a blog, and interesting about mental illness.
We have established long-term cooperation with Do not let the soul and the center of Anabell.


Veronika Kamenská

Second place in the 2018/2019 edition


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