Apply with your team for the Angelini University Awards, contribute to the digitization of healthcare and win up to 100,000 CZK (4,000 euros) to support your project.

All you have to do is get at least two more teammates. The condition is that one of you must be a university student in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. The winner will be the one who proposes a meaningful and innovative use of digital technologies, processes or artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector.


Contribute to the development of healthcare

Find out what’s in you

Get useful contacts

Win up to CZK 100,000

What do last year's winners say?


You don't step on food

1st place in the year 2020/2021

“Although the implementation of the project cost us a lot of work, we remember it with a smile because we really enjoyed it! We worked on enriching dishes with cricket powder so as not to change their taste and at the same time improve the nutritional composition. We learned how to convey professional information to the lay public and also enjoyed creating a promotional video. The bonus was a perfect final night that made us feel like superstars.”

Pavlína Kosečková and Martina Krulíková

I eat for two

2nd place in the year 2020/2021

“The competition brought us a lot of challenges, thanks to which we were able to take our project where we had never dreamed. 2nd place was the icing on the cake, assuring us that hard work pays off. Thanks to the win, we are constantly getting closer to our goal, which is to publish our own educational brochures on the nutrition of pregnant women.”

Šárka Lindovská, Alžběta Duchoňová, Helena Vaclová and Tomáš Konečný


Diets for health

3rd place in the year 2020/2021

“The Angelini University Awards were a great experience that we can only recommend to everyone. We signed up for the year, the theme of which was Better nutrition, better health, because we had already thought about how to make life easier for people with dietary restrictions.
In our project, in cooperation with leading Czech nutrition experts, we try to translate the latest nutritional recommendations into practice. Placing 3rd in such a big competition gave us even more motivation to keep doing what we’re doing.”

Eliška Mocková, Leontýna Soperová and Petra Poláčková

Now it's your turn - we look forward to hearing from you and your ideas!

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