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Project name: Do not sleep on food!


Mgr. Pavlína Kosečková, LF MUNI
Bc. Martina Krulíková, LF MUNI


RNDr. Ondřej Zvěřina, Ph.D.,LF MUNI

Project that acquaints readers with the issue of entomophagy, the nutritional composition of edible insects, and ways to integrate it into human nutrition.
Project introduced nutritional requirements of pregnant women, adolescent girls, people who are limiting intake of food of animal origin and the elderly, and the risks arising from long-term insufficient intake of some of the nutrients. Information brochures with cricket-powder-enriched recipes have been prepared for these groups, which also introduce its benefits and use in the kitchen. At present, cricket powder is available on the Czech market from several manufacturers, all of which have been purchased and analyzed. The results were used to evaluate whether the addition of cricket powder in recipes is nutritionally beneficial.


Project name: Eating for two


Lindovská Šárka, LF MUNI
Duchoňová Alžběta, LF MUNI
Vaclová Helena, LF MUNI
Konečný Tomáš, LF MUNI


Mgr. Martin Krobot, LF MUNI

An initiative focused on educating pregnant women about proper nutrition. The first part is devoted to the methodology and results of the questionnaire, which was focused on: by who and how well were pregnant women or women after child birth educated about nutrition in the Czech Republic. Project also describes Instagram @jimzadva, which was the first practical implementation of our project, its design and methodology of content creation. The work also deals with plans for the future, which include the creation of brochures, websites and interdisciplinary cooperation.


Project name: Diets for Health


Eliška Mocková, 1. LF UK
Leontýna Soperová, 1. LF UK
Petra Poláčková, 1. LF UK


MUDr. Radan Brůha, CSc.
IV. intern clinic – gastroenterology and hepatology VFN

Project created in collaboration with leading Czech experts in nutrition and patient nutrition. It is the first to reflect the new Methodological Recommendation for the Provision of Diet and Nutrition in September 2020 and to put it into practice for patients.

The created websites are verified source of information for doctors and nutrition therapists on individual recommended dietary restrictions, and at the same time provide patients with the basis for following diets from a long-term perspective (in the form of lifestyle recommendations, tips, prescriptions, etc.). The aim of the project is to acquaint both experts in private practices and the general public with the new dietary system, to provide information on individual dietary restrictions, and to improve awareness and improve nutrition and prevent dietary errors not only in patients with special dietary needs.


Project name: Multidisciplinary tool for development of nutritional literacy of children in the Czech Republic


Mgr. Monika Kunzová, LF MUNI
Ing. Jana Hofmanová, PdF MUNI
Mgr. Anna Polcrová, PřF MUNI

The theme of the project is the prevention of childhood obesity in society with a focus on promoting nutritional literacy. The basic element of the project is the development of an educational tool in the form of a book connected to an internet platform, which will educate children on the issues of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The project is aimed at educating children at home, which creates space for the involvement of other family members, including adults. This promotes nutritional literacy throughout the family. The aim is to provide children with nutritional information in an interactive and playful way and to motivate them to take an interest in a healthy lifestyle.


Project name: Content substances from ligninolytic fungi, genus Ganoderma as new source of immunomodulatory substances


Ing. Nikola Schlosserová, AF ÚCB MENDELU
Ing. Andrea Blahutová, AF ÚCB MENDELU


PharmDr. Jakub Treml, Ph.D., FaF MUNI

This project contains an evaluation of the immunomodulatory potential of 4 species of fungi of the genus Ganoderma ssp. Specifically G. adspersum, G. applanatum, G. pffeiferia, G. resinaceum. The project dealt primarily with the preparation of extracts of these fungus (aqueous, ethanolic and protein), which describes the conditions under which the fungus were cultivated and preparation of selected extracts. In the next section, we describe how their cytotoxicity was determined so that we could evaluate whether the extracts would be toxic to the cells that we needed to use for the subsequent analysis of the immunomodulatory effect. In the last step, therefore, their effect was monitored, after activating the inflammatory pathway (via the transcription factor NF-κB), where we wanted to find out whether the extracts can prevent inflammation and block this pathway or, conversely, can support it. In conclusion, we evaluate which extracts it is appropriate to pay attention to and their possible prospects for the future as potential nutraceuticals.



Ing. Anna Šebová, ČZU v Praze
Ing. Lucie Rysová, ČZU v Praze

Development and evaluation of functional food from goat milk

Ing. Veronika Legarová, Ph.D., ČZU v Praze

Bc. Lucie Bašniarová, FAPPZČZU
Bc. Zuzana Lejčková, FAPPZ ČZU

Complex Lajf

Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Havlík, Ph.D., ČZU

Dvořáková Dominika, FZV UPOL
Bc. Kutá Barbora, FF UPOL
Macečková Pavla, FF UPOL
Zubková Markéta, FF UPOL

Well-being on a plate

Pavlína Balonová, FF Ostravská univerzita
Kateřina Hrbatová, FF Ostravská univerzita
Nikol Mitrengová, FF Ostravská univerzita
Terezie Niederhafnerová, FF Ostravská univerzita

Impact of diet on mental health