Angelini Group

Leader in the wellness industry, a point of reference in the field of health protection, Angelini is the natural choice for daily wellbeing.


Angelini manufactures, markets and distributes products for personal health and wellbeing.  Angelini’s mission is to be close to people, meeting their daily needs with effective, reliable and high quality products that are widespread and accessible, ensuring constant and tangible wellbeing.  Its objective is clear: to be a natural choice in daily health and wellbeing.


Angelini is a medium size private international group, a leader in health and wellness in the field of pharmaceutical and consumer products.  Born in Italy in the early twentieth century, the Angelini group has offices in 20 countries and worldwide distribution of products.  Led by President Francesco Angelini, the group employs approximately 6.000 people with a consolidated turnover of more than one billion six hundred million Euro.


In the Pharma field, Angelini is an “integrated company” with extensive research, development, manufacture and marketing of active ingredients, and equivalent branded drugs, medical products and dietary supplements.


At the international level, Angelini is concentrated in the areas of pain and inflammation, nervous system diseases and disorders, infection control and infectious diseases.

Angelini in Czech Republic

Angelini Pharma Česká republika produces and distributes pharmaceutical products, medical devices and food supplements to the Czech market but also to other European and non-European countries.


Angelini Pharma Česká republika is a member of the Czech Association of Pharmaceutical Companies.